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Are you interested in studying eSport or game development? Then you've come to the right place! We offer you exclusive courses of study for new and old professional fields in our main topics. The following paragraphs will tell you what courses of studies and opportunities await you. eSport and the games industry are booming like never before! Now you can become part of a success story and get yourself and your creative free spirit involved in these scenes. With a degree at the ESG Academy all doors in the eSport and games industry are open to you. After your studies at the ESG Academy, use the network you have built up during your studies and profit additionally from events and our network in the eSports and games scene. Pure as a side note for you: With us there are also good jobs in the area of eSport or in our in-house development studio.

Further advantages that speak in favour of studying at the ESG Academy:

  • Have your ideas tested by professionals in our in-house development studio or by one of our eSport experts and show you the real chances of your idea.
  • Become part of a successful and glorious future.
  • Plan your future with us and change the scene decisively.
  • Become a professional and the sought-after specialist of tomorrow!
  • Perpetuate yourself on the in-house campus, developer studio or arena
  • And much more!

The following courses of study are available to you:

Advantages in the area of eSport:

  • eSport Professional Athlete - Become the next rock star in the scene!
  • eSport Team Management - Manage your team and lead it to SUCCESS!
  • eSport Organizational Management - Learn how to lead an organization & improve it!
  • eSport Sponsor and Public Management - Learn how to deal with sponsors, how to win them and how to present the organization to the public.
  • eSport Tactics Coach - Learn how to develop the right tactics and how they are successful.
  • eSport Team Coach - Learn how to build, shape, coach and make a team successful!
  • eSport Finance and Legal Management - Learn how to manage the finances of a global organization and the rights and responsibilities to fans, players and the organization!

Advantages in the area of game development:

  • Programmer - Learn how to program a game correctly and successfully!
  • Graphic artist - Learn how to make the best even better and more beautiful!
  • Multiplayer Design & Technik – Lerne wie ein Multiplayer funktioniert, wie man Ihn designt und was technisch machbar ist!
  • Crossplay - Programmers - Learn everything to make games Crossplay capable and unite the player worlds
  • Game und Physics Ingenieur - Learn how to build a game successfully and correctly and make it as realistic as possible.
  • Sound engineer - As is well known, the sound makes the music. Learn how to set a game to music and how to make everything even better with sound.
  • Marketing / PR - Marketing, advertising and attention are the success of any game
  • Market Analyst (Games + Industry) - Learn how to read this market, evaluate it and announce and launch the right game at the right time.
  • Content and Language Translators - Language is part of success, learning how to translate games and make them ready for all markets worldwide.
  • Assurence - The quality of the finished games now leaves much to be desired, learn how to test games for strengths and weaknesses and help you to make them better.

You like several courses, but you can't decide? Contact us and one of our advisors will help you find the perfect course for you. Do you like 2 study programmes from different fields? Why not a dual study? Here you come to the dual study.

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