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kontroller_icon Continuing education in the field of eSport & Games Development

No studies but further education? Continue to deepen your existing knowledge with a further education or develop yourself further in your familiar subject area with a focus on eSport or game development. In the following paragraph you will learn more about your possibilities and further education.

For many people, continuing education in life is a must! Who wants to stay in his professional development? Further education opens a lot of new doors and possibilities. But what do you get out of continuing education at the ESG Academy? The following advantages arise for you:

  • Continuing education with reference to eSport or game development
  • Proximity to the topic eSport and game development
  • Proximity to the topic eSport and game developmentChange your field of study to one of the following topics
  • Work in the environment of your hobby or passion
  • Combine your profession with the future of the sports world
  • Take the first step towards a successful career in eSport or game development

Not convinced yet? The basic requirements you should bring with you are simple and simple: joy and enthusiasm for eSport or game development. And now imagine that you can work in one of these professions in the future and earn your money. Sounds good, doesn't it? Now imagine what joy you will still have at the age of 50 or 60 if you were able to change the scenes in a formative way. An old proverb says: "Who doesn't dare doesn't win".

These training courses are available to you at the ESG Academy. If you are interested in further education, simply click on the further education and the further education brochure will automatically be downloaded.


Interested in several further education courses, but you can't make up your mind? No problem! Contact us via the contact form and one of our future consultants will contact you as soon as possible. Or drop by our Discort Server spontaneously and with a little luck you'll find a consultant directly.

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