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A mood like in a football stadium. An atmosphere that is so thick because of the tension that you could cut it with a knife or even touch it. Euphoria, joy, and much more! The eSport fans around the globe fill entire stadiums and create an atmosphere that is second to none! How would Frank Buschmann now say (one of the great German sports presenters):

« Here the hut burns, the stadium explodes immediately and I find this quite cool!

Frank Buschmann

" Here the hut burns, the stadium explodes immediately and that I find quite cool! Our goal is to bring the big tournaments to Switzerland, the first pure eSport Arena in the world, and to celebrate with you and your favorite teams a great party! Experience success, capture moments for eternity and fall into pure ecstasy! We want to celebrate with the hottest people of the scene great successes and change the scene with you and make something even better than it already is!

Look forward in the future to the biggest and most exciting events in eSport that you have ever visited and experienced! We'll bring the big events, teams and stars of the scene close to you!

Currently no events available.

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